Rubber Recycling Symposium

About the Rubber Recycling Symposium

Historically proven to be a great success, our biennial Rubber Recycling Symposium draws in an international audience of hundreds, including key players in the industry. With thought-provoking panels and ample networking opportunities, the Rubber Recycling Symposium provides a hub where thought leaders can interact and work towards the cooperative development of an environmentally sustainable industry.

Each symposium brings together international experts and professionals from the tire and rubber manufacturing sectors, the rubber recycling industry (including processors, transporters, equipment manufacturers and stewardship organizations), as well as government and academia. This event offers a unique opportunity to explore the varied approaches in Extended Producer Responsibility, and to compare successes and opportunities for delivering and meeting our industry’s goals. 

The Rubber Recycling Symposium has a track record of attracting top decision-makers and creating an interactive conference setting where innovative ideas are formed and partnerships are made.