Keeping It Smart With Rubber Containers for Weed

Keeping It Smart With Rubber Containers for Weed

There’s more to Cannabis than just the pot that people smoke. Specifically, since Cannabis has gained approval in some states for medical use, its potency must be well-preserved. A lot is going on in keeping marijuana fresh. Considered by many as one precious commodity, there’s one important key: Weed Containers. This being said, it is particularly important to keep storage in mind where hemp is concerned (learn more about hemp here). To prolong its shelf life, let us briefly discuss the factors to consider when choosing the right weed containers:

Stay Away from Light

Light has UV rays that degrade the quality of marijuana. This is mainly responsible for the breakdown of cannabinoids and THC. Tinted glass containers are best.

Manage Humidity

Oxygen levels have to be seriously controlled. Too much air can break down your cannabinoids fast. However, very little air will also affect the humidity of your buds. This is particularly damaging if your buds are not dried completely before storage. Too little humidity can reduce the essential oil content of your buds.

Avoid Heat but Keep It Dry

Excessive heat can dry out essential oils in cannabis. Keep your stash in a cool, dry, and dark place to preserve its freshness. Contrary to popular belief, freezing weed is the BEST option to preserve your marijuana. It has many risks that can mess up your herb without benefiting you at all. Better stick to storage options that are proven to work.

5 Best Marijuana Containers

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Along with the popularity of Cannabis, so much has now been written on how to best store it and maintain optimum quality. We have taken this seriously and broken down the list for you. Forget reading lists of top 10s or 12s. Our list of 5 should make it way easy for you. We called it the Lean Mean Marijuana Containers, and you will find out soon enough why:

Herb Guard Container with Humidipak

This tops most weed containers you’ll find online. It can hold up to 1 ounce of CBD. As can be seen from its sleek glossy design, it has a plastic lid, but the body is made of UV-resistant glass and is smell-proof. It is scratch-resistant and, most importantly, has a humidipak to manage moisture inside. The price point can be a bit steep at around $25 but should be well worth it.

Firedog Smell Proof Bag

This portable weed container is easily considered the best portable storage in most reviews. Made of polyurethane leather, its carbon lining keeps it odourless. Safe and discreet to use, it comes in different sizes and has a solid enclosure– some models even have a lock. The price starts at $12.

Party Pack by TightVac

This container earns a 100% rating in most CBD storage reviews in terms of material quality, design, features, and durability. This is made durable with high-impact plastic. Guaranteed not to break or melt under normal conditions. Your stash is protected from insects and other external factors. Valued at $6, this is water and leakproof and would even float on water.

Re:stash Jars

This is the up-to-date version of the usual glass mason jar. This is considered one of the perfect stash jars as it is made of eco-friendly materials, particularly 30% farm waste. It shields sunlight, is smell-proof, and is CPSC certified child-resistant. These jars come in various sizes and boast of different innovative designs, including one that divides the jar into two– one for storing your cannabis and the other for anti-humidity packs or even rolling papers.

KOZO Airtight Storage Jar with Lock

This reliable airtight marijuana storage is considered high on the best weed container list. It is a dark, sleek safe glass container that’s UV protected and has an airtight lid. Known for its superior quality, this storage comes with a free humidifier packet– a uniquely prepared solution pack that takes care of the humidity inside at safe levels. It also comes in 3 sizes for your convenience.

The price of Weed containers can range from $12 to $60 more or less. Just like any valued product, there are various designs and features to choose from. It is up to you to decide what feature do you prioritize most, UV protection, temperature and humidity, portability, durability, or a combination of several things. At the end of the day, consider that proper storage does not only prolong the shelf life of your cannabis but also takes care of its potency and preserves the taste and smell of your marijuana. With this in mind, consider the cost as an investment that would save you a lot in the long run.

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