Automotive and Transportation

The Rubber Associates have been the standard for durable and efficient automotive products and satisfactory services. Over the years, our company has been at the forefront in providing automaker companies and suppliers involved in transportation.

We offer only the products that satisfy to the ISO 9001:2015. Offering customization, best believe that we put your interests at heart.

Compliance in ISO & Specifications

At The Rubber Associates, we conform to ISO 9001:2015 qualification. We provide rubber in a wide range of products and ensure that they meet the ASTM D2000 line and OEM standards. We fully comply and arrange our systems in time for future specifications.

Roadblocks of OEMs

We narrowed down the common hindrance of automobile makers in the industry to ensure that we remain reliable, committed and quality focused. Some of the common challenges that automakers face and The Rubber Associates would like to tackle include:

  • Consistency and precision to spec
  • EDI Release Schedule, Program Management, Level 3 PPP
  • Poor responsiveness (Short lead times and JIT delivery)
  • Quality control, traceability and testing

Common Products

  1. Gaskets
  2. Seals
  3. Automotive matting


The Rubber Associates provides a plethora of products in the electronics and high-tech industries. Our diverse range of products include barrier and shielding materials, components made from foam, plastic, rubber, and many more.

Common Roadblocks in the Electronic and High-Tech Industries:

  1. Moisture prevention and barrier
  2. Compliance/ regulation
  3. Electrical conductivity
  4. Static prevention
  5. Flame and heat resistance
  6. Complex or small part designs
  7. EMI insulation and shielding

Common Products

The common products used by this industry include:

  1. Seals and gaskets
  2. RFI/EMI shielding & shielding gaskets
  3. Insulation and barrier (Electronic)
  4. High voltage rubber mat

Food Processing

With a goal in mind to revolutionize the common issues involving food processing, The Rubber Associates offer not only FDA-approved product. We also supply NSF-61 certified products to help address the sector’s challenges.

Common Challenges in the Food Processing Sector

  1. Metal detection
  2. Cleanability
  3. FDA compliance
  4. NSF-61 compliance
  5. Operating temperatures
  6. Microbes

Common Products

Common products used in the food processing industry include:

  1. Gaskets and seals (Food-grade and with FDA-approved materials)
  2. Sanitary seals and gaskets (Including NSF 61 approved materials)
  3. Dust covers
  4. Suction cups
  5. Rubber shields
  6. Rubber couplings
  7. Anti-Microbial floor matting

Machinery and Equipment

The Rubber Associates offers equipment suppliers with the things they need in the Machinery and Equipment industry. With the sector continuously facing hindrances to major suppliers of machinery, we aim to deliver the best products that will cater to your convenience. The Rubber Associates has been the supplier of choice for this industry thanks to our dedication to quality, material expertise and large inventory.

Roadblocks of machinery

  1. Equipment reliability
  2. High pressures
  3. Maintenance intervals
  4. Extreme temperatures, etc.

Common Products

Commonly used products in the Machinery and Equipment Industry include:

  1. Gaskets and seals
  2. Dampeners
  3. Grips
  4. Bearing pads
  5. Diaphragm
  6. Flexible joints and elbow
  7. More

Mining and Aggregates

This is an industry that is prone to scarcity and suppliers search for high-quality and long-lasting products with durable materials. We are here to provide you with reliable and durable products necessary for this industry. The Rubber Associates has you covered whether you want excavator parts, conveyor skirting, equipment parts, or wear plates.

Roadblocks of mining industry

  1. High pressures
  2. Maintenance intervals and costs
  3. Extreme temperatures
  4. High wear & abrasion
  5. Damping
  6. Environmental
  7. Aggressive medias and environmental

Common Products

  1. Gaskets & seals
  2. Dampeners
  3. Grips
  4. Joints & elbows
  5. Grommets
  6. Boots and Bellows
  7. Track parts
  8. Bearing Pads
  9. More

Water & Wastewater

With materials that are durable and able to withstand environmental hazards, we promote products that are known to be effective and safe for water and wastewater applications.

To address the challenge of safety of usage, we ensure to provide you only the best and up-to-date parts that are NSF/ANSI 61 certified.

Roadblocks of the water industry

  1. Safety for consumption
  2. Maintenance intervals
  3. NSF-61 compliance
  4. Environmental impact

Common Products

The common products used in the water and wastewater industries include:

  1. Gaskets & seals
  2. Pump packing
  3. Gasket sheeting

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