About Us

About Us

Innovation is Our Passion

Our starting point stemmed from our belief to deliver only the best to our customers. Sourcing from high-grade materials to going under a compelling team of well-experienced specialists, your project will soar to great heights with our products. We’re an organization that promotes a culture of passion for innovation. Partnering with the best experts, we aim to give you nothing short of the extraordinary whether you are a start-up, SME or large company.

Dedication to High Standards and Value

Here at The Rubber Associates, we value top-notch quality in our diverse range of products. With our extensive experience in the industry, our business has been reputed to commit to exceptional quality, excellence and creativity. We aim to put your needs first and are more than delighted to provide you with top-notch products that will exceed your expectations.

Our Core Values:

1. Integrity

We promote firm moral compass among our stakeholders. We value respect above everything, for we believe it is the foundation of a lifelong relationship. With respect and integrity, we believe that we will both achieve our common goals and successes.

2. Collaboration & Communication

Communication is present in all our processes as we believe that it is the root of a healthy relationship within the company. Our high standard products are the outcome of a well-rounded team that effectively communicates and collaborate to attain the best idea possible.

3. Customers First

Your business is our business, and we stand by this fact. All our products and services are customer focused. We strive to ensure you get professional and bespoke experience that will exceed your requirements.

4. Innovation

We are a kinetic company- always on the journey towards progressive development. We promote creativity, passion, and determination to form a people-oriented company that is continuous in providing the most excellent output.

5. Work-Conducive Environment

The Rubber Associates believes that a happy team will always be productive. We only ensure the best for our staff and strive to give them a safe and positive working environment. We take into heart their standpoint and mindset to maintain an environment that is fulfilling.

6. Training & Development

Human development is crucial for a progressive company. With this in mind, we provide challenging yet satisfying development training for all our staff. This ensures that our specialists are updated with latest technology and continue to be the best at their work.

Environmentally Friendly Conscious

Ever since establishment, The Rubber Associates have been working to produce products that are not only high-quality but also environment friendly. Together, we promote a greener future.

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