How to Increase Sales on Winter Tires

Winter Tires

How to Increase Sales on Winter Tires

If you are a tire manufacturer or a tire dealer, it could be a bit challenging to persuade consumers to buy another set of tires just for the winter season. Why someone should think about how to choose winter tires, especially because there is an all-season tire available in the market.

Most of the drivers believe that all-season tires are enough for winter driving and some don’t want to make another investment.

The key to growing sales and profits is to find a strategy to precipitate your winter tire season. Here are three proven strategies to market these tires.

  1. Hands-on Experience

If you want to boost your Winter Tires sale, take advantage of hands-on-experience to give your customers a more realistic snow driving experience. By arranging attesting for the Winter Tires, your customers will be assured that having them that is a necessity.

Your goal should be to train the people selling the winter tires so they can relate and understand their customers. However, you should note that holding such events is not easy and can be overly expensive.

Luckily, you can use a practical and inexpensive method that one dealer of cold-weather tires uses to give customers a hands-on-experience for winter tires. You can simply put on the Winter Tires on October and remove them in April. People will be amazed at how good these tires do in the snow and how they make them feel secure behind the wheel.

  1. Educate Consumers

The other way to convince customers of the value of Winter Tires is to educate them. Educating them helps them realize and understand the benefits of winter tires debunking the all-season myth. You can educate your customers by spreading information through any of the following ways:

  • Form of ride-and-drives
  • Online training modules and certification
  • Product videos
  • Workbooks
  • Hand-Out
  • Posters
  • Radio

In the case of Goodyear, they provide one-page-at-a-glance facts and statistics for customers that seek information. Not only is this one-piece of paper handy and easy to give away, but it will also remind them what they learnt during the training.

The best year also uses demo tools with certain product lines like the tread samples by Ultra Grip Ice WRT. With these tread samples, dealers can show the customers the difference between the winter tires and the standard all-season tires.

These different sources of information offer statistics and test results and they are proven to be extremely effective in convincing customers that all-season tires don’t mean what most people think they mean.

  1. Individual Perspectives

After imparting the customers with the knowledge, the last step is understanding their specific needs and preferences. To maximize your sakes, you need to engage your customers and inquire how often and how far they travel.

The more questions asked the more the dealer will be able to sell the winter tires that best fit their needs.

The best technique in persuading customers is the talk of safety – not only for themselves, but also for others on the road. You can inform them that investing in winter tires lessens the risk of accidents and the cost associated with it.


There you have it! Use these effective tips to boost your sales for Winter Tires during winter months. Plus, you can take advantage of the season to educate customers on the importance of these tires.

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