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Innovation is Our Passion
Our starting point stemmed from our belief to deliver only the best to our customers. Sourcing from high-grade materials to going under a compelling team of well-experienced specialists, your project will soar to great heights with our products. We’re an organization that promotes a culture of passion for innovation. Partnering with the best experts, we aim to give you nothing short of the extraordinary whether you are a start-up, SME or large company.
Dedication to High Standards and Value
Here at The Rubber Associates, we value top-notch quality in our…


Abrasion and High-Wear Applications
High wear applications are common in mining, automotive, machinery, and other industries. At The Rubber Associates, we provide you products that are safe, dependable and effective for these industries.
We take pride in our team to aid you upon choosing products that we offer. We cater to special considerations of materials by safety standards to give you the experience you deserve.
Industries That Require Abrasion and High-Wear

Machinery & Equipment
Mining & Aggregates

Products Used by This Application


Anti-Fatigue Matting
Anti-Microbial Silicone
Anti-Static Matting
Ballistic-Grade Rubber
Black Nitrile (BUNA-N)
Bonded and Laminated Materials
I. Packing
Ceramic Paper
Closed Cell (2A1, 2A2, 2A3, 2A5)
Cloth-Inserted Rubbers
Engineered …


Automotive and Transportation
The Rubber Associates have been the standard for durable and efficient automotive products and satisfactory services. Over the years, our company has been at the forefront in providing automaker companies and suppliers involved in transportation.
We offer only the products that satisfy to the ISO 9001:2015. Offering customization, best believe that we put your interests at heart.
Compliance in ISO & Specifications
At The Rubber Associates, we conform to ISO 9001:2015 qualification. We provide rubber in a wide range of products and ensure that they meet the ASTM D2000 line …

Customized Rubber Products

Today, manufacturers use the common practice of fabricating rubber to develop a wide range of products. When manufacturing rubber, the process of molding, cutting, and extrusion are utilized to fit to the required specifications set out by OEMs and other types of suppliers.
With the ability to manipulate rubber, thousands have resorted to creating a business of customizing the material. Rubber is known to have many uses in industries such as medical, automobile, machinery, pharmaceutical, mining, food processing, water, and many more.
Making use of this fact, The Rubber Associates specializes in rubber fabrication to cater to…

Why Thermoplastic Elastomer Is a Better Alternative to Silicone

Thermoplastic elastomer or TPE is a solid material that is beneficial for everyday use. Also known as thermoplastic rubbers, TPE is considered as a staple when considering fluid seals in various industries. Its main application is in the manufacturing industry, primarily for molding injection.
A known fact of TPE is its flexibility to be stretched in elongated forms while having the ability to return to its former state. Because of this, it can have a longer product life cycle and has proven to have improved range of physical properties after usage.
Why Use TPEs over Silicone?
TPEs are prominent for …

Why Use Rubber Deflector Strips & Cutting Edges?

Over the years, snow spills are parts of incessant worries of many. Manufactures have come with numerous products to help remove snow, but one product remains to be essential, fabricated rubber deflector strips with cutting edges.
What is a rubber deflector strip?
These deflector strips are made to protect the performance of the blades of a snowplow. As such, The Rubber Associates produces these strips using durable and high-quality rubber that can withstand heavy snow.
Vehicles with rubber deflector strips have the capacity to have a clearer windshield and little to no snow debris. With these strips…